Ohio Residency Guidelines for 2018 and Forward
Ohio Residency Guidelines for 2018 and Forward
December 01, 2018

On June 15, 2018 Ohio law regarding Ohio domicile for income tax purposes changed. The “irrebuttable presumption” of non-Ohio domicile for 2018 and forward has changed.

Ohio continues to measure a taxpayer’s contact periods. In order to be presumed a nonresident, one of the criteria is to have no more than 212 contact periods with Ohio during the tax year. It is important to note that a “contact period” is not the same as a “day.” A contact period is some portion of two consecutive days in Ohio.

Other criteria to be presumed a non-resident include not holding an Ohio driver’s license or Ohio identification card, not claiming the homestead exemption for an Ohio property during the year and not claiming residency for purposes of obtaining “in state” tuition at an Ohio institution of higher education.

For those of you wanting more information, the full text of the legislation can be read in Sub. H.B. 292 and R.C. 5747.24.

If you have questions about how this applies to your situation, please call either our Norwalk or Sandusky office for additional information.



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