Accounting Scholarship

Accounting Scholarship

Payne, Nickles & Company, CPAs, through the Huron County Community Foundation is proud to announce it is again offering up to two (2) $2,000 scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year. The scholarship is open to second, third, fourth and fifth year students with accounting majors, and is intended to assist the student in meeting the 150-hour requirement to take the CPA exam.



Erie, Huron, or contiguous County, Ohio resident
Minimum 2.8 grade point average
Completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
The application deadline is 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 1, 2023. Our scholarship is based on field of study, merit, financial need and community involvement. The decision is final and will be announced in late June. The scholarship will be paid to the school (not to an individual or bookstore) in one installment.

The Firm’s offices are located at 422 West Market Street in Sandusky and 257 Benedict Avenue, Bldg. D in Norwalk. Scholarship applications can be picked up at either location, or download & print here.

All completed applications should be submitted to the Huron County Community Foundation, 12 Benedict Avenue, Norwalk, Ohio 44857. NOTE: Please make as many copies of this letter and application as needed.



2023 Jayla Medina, Berlin Heights and Klara Miller, Clyde
2022 Avery Bing, Sandusky and Jayla Medina, Berlin Heights
2021 McKenna Strayer, Clyde and Makalya Aichholz, New Washington
2020 Rachel Casselberry, Norwalk and Bryce McMurray, Castalia
2019 Nathan Strudthoff, Clyde and Tyler A. Puckrin, Sandusky
2018 Tara Eisenhauer, Bellevue and Aaron Wheeler, Norwalk
2017 Tanner Stiert, Milan and Logan Jaworski, Norwalk
2016 Trey Hallock, Norwalk & Brennan Otto, Berlin Heights
2015 William Porter, Huron & Brennan Otto, Berlin Heights
2014 Taylor Wilhelm, Greenwich & Matthew Stahl, Sandusky
2013 Kaylee Bundschuh, Norwalk & Nolan Murray, Sandusky
2012 Austin Price, Tiffin & Jeffry Rennert, Wakeman
2011 Zachary Rospert, Milan & Chad Warner, Norwalk
2010 Zachary Rospert, Milan & Kailee McGuire, Sandusky
2009 Douglas T. Wiedemann & Tracy L. Kohler, Huron
2008 Anthony Myers, Norwalk & Kevin Nutter, Norwalk
2007 Jennifer Wood, Sandusky & Molly Krikke, Norwalk
2006 Jordan Centers, Norwalk & Melissa Sedlak- Tillinghast, Berlin Heights
2005 Dana Wobser, Sandusky & Samuel Fries, Norwalk
2004 Molly Gundlach, Sandusky & Luke Varner, Milan
2003 Angela Fernandez, Milan & Taylor McFarland, Willard
2002 Kristen E. Ball, Sandusky & Brett W. Mesenburg, Collins
2001 Megan M. Marett, Norwalk & Brandon M. Roth, Sandusky
2000 Kathleen S. Brown, Norwalk



2014 Jeremy Krill, Norwalk
2013 Benjamin Barr, Brecksville & Kyle Bundschuh, Norwalk
2012 Savannah Harner, Tiffin & Maureen Kirtz, Tiffin
2011 Ryan Frank, Norwalk & Jeffry Rennert, Wakeman & Anthony Saxton, Avon

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